Mixing line for Halal food

Daxner designed, delivered and installed a system design including liquid dosing into the mixer for a highly esteemed manufacturer of halal food.




Various ingredients are loaded into a manual intake station.


Additionally a dosing screw conveyor feeds one big bag component out of a big bag intake station into the mixer. Various oils and fats are loaded into the mixer by an oil dosing unit. After the blending is completed, the mixed material is conveyed trough a magnetic separator to a bag filling station where the product is filled into Big bags.


The process controls system contains the administration of the small components, dosing quantity, mixing times and the filling into Big bags. Moreover the controls system takes over the production orders from the superordinated system. Upon completion of these orders, the actual weighed raw materials and their fabricated quantities are reported back to the superordinated system. The process controls system records the commodity flow.


The pre-dosed manual components are time-indepently provided in bags or plastic boxes on pallets in advance. These are labelled with a bar code (suitable for batches) and administrated in the system.


The plant consists of the following components:


- Jet filter for aspiration

- Bag intake station

- Big-bag intake station with weighing unit

- Screw conveyor

- Fluid bed batch-mixer

- Oil dosing unit

- Magnetic separator

- Bag filling station for Big bags





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